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Beaches in Corfu

Agios Georgios: Magnificent beach of 5km length, in the west part of the island, southwards cape Arillas.

Agios Stefanos: The gorgeous large beach of Agios Stefanos is situated 35km north-westwards of the town of Corfu. The water takes a green crystal clear color. The large sandy beach attracts many visitors during summer.

Arillas: Beautiful beach, with 2.5 kilometres of thin sand, protected from the wind from two small peninsulas.It is situated 40 km north-west of the capital of the island of Corfu.

Barbati: Beautiful sandy beach near Nissaki, 21km northwards the town of Corfu.

Cape of Drastis: Large set of beaches in Cape Drastis, 35km north-west of the town of Corfu.

Dassia: Picturesque beach, 13km north of Corfu town, located infront of Dassia's large tourist resort.

Glyfada: A very large sandy beach before the hill of Pelekas, 16km west of the town of Corfu.

Kalami: Its natural beauty inspired the english author Lawrence Durell to write his book "Psospero's Cell".

Kassiopi: A large, well organised beach in Kassiopi, 37km south of the town of Corfu, opposite the coasts of Albania.

Kavos: Beautiful sandy beach next to the large holiday resort of Kavos, 47km south of the town of Corfu.

Kouloura: Picturesque beach, 7km southwards Kassiopi. The gulf forms a semicircle and for this reason was named Kouloura (=ring).

Marathias: Beautiful, large beach with thin sand, southwards the town of Corfu.

Mirtiotissa: Picturesque beach, 15km westwards the town of Corfu, near the monastery Mirtidio, from which it has takenits name. In reality, it is continuation of Glyfada beach.

Mon Repo: Picturesque beach under Mon Repo Palace, 3km southwards the town of Corfu. 

Nissaki: Beatiful beach, 23km northwards the town of Corfu. During summer, this resort attracts many tourists.

Palaiokastritsa: Beatiful beach in the homonym village, 25km north-westwards the town of Corfu. A cluster of rocks in the sea forms the renowned Petrokaravo of Kolovri, for which there are many legends.

Peroulades: Beatiful beach, 31km northwards the town of Corfu, near the place where the homonym settlement meets the adjacent village Sidari.

Sidari: One of the most beautiful beaches of the island. A cluster of rocks in the sea forms a canal which is called the Canal of Love.

Sinarades: Picturesque beach in the homonym village, 13km south-westwards the town of Corfu. The Venetian bell tower(15th century) prevails in the area.

Ypsos: The tourist beach of Ipsos is one of the best sandy beaches of the island. It is situated 15km northwards the town of Corfu, before the village Ipsos. Every year, during summer a large number tourists visit the area. 

Source: ETIN SA

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